The “Macaronie” Story. (and no, I did not spell it wrong)

Today I had fun in the kitchen. (Well, I usually do, but today was better than usual.) You see, today I made a batch of sugar cookies. Not just any sugar cookies, BIRTHDAY CAKE sugar cookies! Imagine a soft, chewy, cookie with hints of almond and vanilla, studded with colorful sprinkles. Oh, and the recipe calls for CREAM CHEESE to make them extra amazing!! Ya. You are probably beginning to understand why today was such a great day.

You’re probably wondering what this has to do with the word, “Macaronie.” Well, in order to explain that I have to start from the beginning, which actually begins about 5 years ago. (Maybe more like 23 years ago since that was when my brother was born.) I have a younger brother who seems to believe that he is a better cook and baker than I am. His favorite story to tell everyone is how he “showed me up” when I came home for a few days while I was in Pastry school. He seriously looked up a recipe of the the most elaborate and fancy dessert that he could think of-and totally nailed it. Just to annoy me. He succeeded.

Here is my brother all pleased with himself.

He made a homemade Baked Alaska. He seriously made an ice-cream cake, covered it with homemade Italian meringue, torched it, then used alcohol to LIGHT IT ON FIRE for effect. It was also delicious, but I couldn’t admit that.

My parents, enjoying a perfect baked Alaska.

Anyways, this past Sunday my brother was in town with his girlfriend. He was asking me if I had heard of the latest internet sensation that combined two amazing baked goods-the cookie and the macaron. Of course I hadn’t, of course he had to be the one to inform me, of course he wanted to make it, and finally, of course I loved it.

It was a boring, rainy day and I had some frozen chocolate macarons. So we made a batch of chocolate chip cookies and carefully pressed a macaron in the centre of the dough and baked them. WOW. They were absolutely amazing! The best part about them though, was baking them from scratch with my whole family, it has been a long time since we have eaten raw cookie dough out of the bowl, and argued over who gets to lick the spoon!

Next came the most difficult task-picking a name for these decadent cookies! Other bakeshops call them “Mookies,” but we wanted something different. UFO’s? Dinosaur Eggs? Surprise Cookies? So many ideas… finally we settled on ‘Macaronies.’ Once again, that was my brother’s idea.

So this is my long ‘introduction’ to my new, limited edition dessert, the Macaronie. Inspired by my brother. Today I used some of the Birthday Cake cookie dough and formed it around a white chocolate macaron, they were so so good! So stay tuned, they will be available as a special at the Fly in the Fibre soon!

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