Turkish Delight

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Our Turkish Delight is handmade, unique, and beautiful! It is also Dairy + Gluten Friendly.

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Traditional Rose Petal + Quince:Made using local quince juice.

 Creston Sour Cherry:Made using local cherry juice & organic orange extract.

 Sparkling Peach:They taste like fuzzy peach candy! 

Creston Apple Pie:Made using local apple juice and warm apple pie spices!

Old Fashioned Root Beer:Tastes like a fresh mug of root beer!

Pink Bubblegum:Tastes just like traditional bubblegum!

Raspberry Vanilla: A customer favourite! Made using local raspberry juice.

Sugared Spearmint:Tastes like spearmint leaf candy! Made using organic spearmint extract. 

Luscious Lemon:Another traditional flavour, made using organic lemon extract and real lemon zest.

Sweet Orange :So sweet and fresh! Made using organic orange extract and real orange zest.

Black Liquorice:Tastes just like old fashioned liquorice candy. Coloured naturally with organic charcoal.

Yerba Mate Vanilla Bean:Full flavour of toasty Yerba Mate tea, one of nature’s energy boosters!

Juicy Watermelon:Tastes like the classic watermelon candies!