Turkish Delight

Our Turkish Delight is handmade, unique, and beautiful! It is also Dairy + Gluten Friendly.

Please note that while we offer dietary options, we are not an allergen-free kitchen. We take the necessary precautions to ensure no cross-contamination occurs, but we are unable to guarantee that any product can be completely free from allergens. Thank you.

To purchase, please order directly from us, or find assorted flavors at Famous Fritz and at the Fly in the Fibre.


Traditional Rose Petal: Unique & delicious!

 Creston Sour Cherry:Made using local cherry juice & organic orange extract.

 Sparkling Peach:They taste like fuzzy peach candy! 

Old Fashioned Root Beer:Tastes like a fresh mug of root beer!

Pink Bubblegum:Tastes just like traditional bubblegum!

Raspberry Vanilla: A customer favourite! Made using local raspberry juice.

Sugared Spearmint:Tastes like spearmint leaf candy! Made using organic spearmint extract. 

Luscious Lemon:Another traditional flavour, made using organic lemon extract.

Sweet Orange :So sweet and fresh! Made using organic orange extract and real orange zest.

Sour Green Apple: Tastes like fresh green apples!

Sour Watermelon:Tastes like the classic watermelon candies!