More Delicious Things
Coming Soon

We are not taking any more custom orders until further notice. We are completely booked up for the next month, as well as taking time off to be with family and friends. 

You can still find our handmade, locally-sourced baking at these locations:

Famous Fritz Meats & Deli 

(Every week we deliver our famous Cheesecakes and other packaged baking. Gluten friendly and/or vegan options available)

The Fly in the Fibre

(Packaged baking and single serve treats to pair with a handcrafted latte!)

The Hub Pub & Eatery

(Enjoy one of our decadent desserts after a delicious meal!)

Ricky's All Day Grill

(Enjoy a slice of our famous cheesecake or one of our handmade desserts! Gluten friendly options available)


Please follow our Instagram page and Facebook page for updates and weekly specials!


Thank you all for your continued support❤️